2013-2015 Pictures

2013-2014: SPS officers from left: Alistair McLean, Dennis Trujillo, Khadijih Mitchell, Fred Smalley

2013- Members of SPS gather around the cloud chamber at an SPS weekly meeting

2013: SPS members gather around the cloud chamber at an SPS weekly meeting.


2014: Outreach visit to Sierra Middle School, Chas Hammond


2015: Outreach visit to Mayfield High School, Tegan Fuqua

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Summer 2014: SPS field trip to EMI Technologies

2014: Members of SPS take part in an icebreaker activity at the first fall meeting


2014: Khadijih Mitchell, Alistair McLean, and Joni Cunningham aid in demo night at an SPS fall meeting


2014 Aggie Rush Week: Chas Hammond, Hannah Rich, Michael Lopez, Cameron Radosevich, Nate Nunley


2014-2015 SPS Bake Sale

2014-2015 SPS Bake Sale

2014-2015: Joni Cunningham manning a bake sale