Boys Scouts Visit 2019

The Boys Scouts of America visited the Department of Physics in order to attain their nuclear science badge. The Society of Physics Students planned and operated the entirety of the day with some help of their advisors, Dr. Robert Cooper and Dr. Marc Schlegel. We also want to mention Vice President Jorge Garcia for taking charge of the event and planning the visit.

The scouts needed to have completed their packet that included building an electroscope, visiting a nuclear research lab, building models of isotopes, and much more! All 20 scouts that attended were successful in acquiring their badges.

Vice President Jorge Garcia (bottom left) and Media Representative Joel Cannon (far right)
Members Dominique Madrid and Alex Benavidez check the boy scouts’ progress with acquiring their nuclear science badge.
Secretary Mariana Aldavaz (right) announcing the award for the first two scouts that successfully finish their badge.
Boys Scouts in the lab working on their electroscopes and taking notes on the lecture.

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