The Society of Physics Students at NMSU

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) at NMSU is a passionate group of diverse students who share a love of physics. Members work together to promote the understanding of and inspire a passion in physics in and around the NMSU community.

NMSU’s SPS chapter is active on campus and within the local community. SPS offers regular outreach events, both on- and off-campus, for local elementary, middle, and high school students. For each event, presenters demonstrate a variety of experiments and adjust explanations to match each group’s experience and educational level. SPS members are always busy with a variety of activities, including conferences, bake sales, movie nights, advisory talks, and demonstration rehabilitation projects.

SPS at NMSU incorporates the fundamental concepts of teamwork and leadership to inspire and teach. Within the physics department, SPS provides a foundation of support for current and future students and fosters a close-knit physics community. This support includes helping members network with the greater physics community as well as find and receive scholarships via the national SPS community.

Look for current information on NMSU’s Physics Summer Camp in the above drop-down menu!

SPS holds weekly meetings every Wednesday at 5:30 in Gardiner Hall room 261 during regular classes. There is no fee to join SPS and you don’t need to be a physics major. The only requirement is a love of science.

Interested in pursuing a degree in physics? Explore NMSU’s physics department and all it has to offer!

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