Physics Summer Camp 2019

The physics summer camp was held in July and were a complete success! There was over 40 applicants and 25 students were accepted into the camp. Students were taught about acoustics, chemistry (spectroscopy), accelerators, the physics of superheroes, and astronomy! The students were also challenged with building a bottle rocket that would successfully launch and land without their passenger (an egg) cracking!

Our own Andrew Dotson recorded videos all week long and then compiled them all!

Pictures will be posted soon!

Thanks to the Department of Physics, Marisela, Rosa, Dr. Nakotte, Francisco, Dr. Urquidi, Dr. Cooper, and Dr. Pate!

Huge thanks to our mentors: Mariana Aldavaz, Andrew Dotson, Sean Tierney, Alex Benavidez, Esther Thompson, and Joel Cannon.

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