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Please support SPS and our outreach program by contributing to our K-12 Outreach fund. SPS is very active in K-12 outreach in local schools. Each semester, we conduct a number of outreach events, both on campus and in local elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. SPS members demonstrate a variety of experiments and explain the science behind each, adjusting the complexity of the explanations to fit students’ age and experience with math and physics. We take an inclusive approach to our demonstrations—we ask students what they think is happening in a given experiment, creating an open and engaging learning environment. SPS also helps conduct the physics department’s annual physics summer camp, which began in 2015. Building and maintaining demonstrations and running a week-long summer camp require money.

Please also consider donating to the physics department’s Undergraduate Physics Scholarships fund to support all physics undergraduates in need of assistance.

Give Now – Outreach

Give Now – Undergraduate Scholarships