NMSU’s SPS actively promotes the study and understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), with a focus on physics topics and concepts. SPS regularly conducts outreach events throughout the local community, where members demonstrate and explain a variety of physics concepts and experiments. Though physics isn’t an easy subject to learn, SPS members effectively communicate its fundamental principles through explanations and demonstrations. During presentations, members also convey their passion for physics and the wonder and excitement of discovery.

Over the past several years, SPS has become more active within NMSU’s local community. Realizing the importance of engaging the community, especially local students, SPS members created an outreach program, which still thrives today. Through this program, SPS members visit local schools and host on-campus field trips to NMSU’s physics department. Members demonstrate experiments and encourage and answer questions about physics and what it’s like to attend NMSU. Recently, SPS has begun collaborating with similar campus groups, such as the Society of Engineering Physics (SEPH), to expand its reach and encourage an interest in STEM throughout the community.

If you would like SPS to give a demonstration for your school or organization or you would like to visit us at NMSU’s physics department, please fill out the request form in the above drop-down menu.